Ready Made Lace

Mesh Stencils, Metallic Foil, Paints, Ready Made Lace, Relief Moulding Paste, Silicone Moulds, The Blanc Canvas Extras

Scrapbooking with The Blanc Canvas products

I had such a lot of fun creating these pages with the products from The Blanc Canvas. I used a combination of Ready Made Lace, Stenciling, Metallic Foil, Tacky Glue, Silicone Moulds, Difference Relief Moulding Paste and Relief Paint to create these layouts. These products made it easy and simple to create a stunning effect in no time.

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Anguree used our Ready-made lace to create this beautiful project!   View Anguree’s blog about this scrapbooking project at:

Ready Made Lace, Relief Moulding Paste, Silicone Moulds

Make Your Own Scrapbook Paper

Supplies: Green card Silicone Mould Satin White Dusting Powder Difference Relief Texture Paste Scraper Blanc Canvas Cleaner Paper Glue Dust silicone mould and pour Difference into mould.  Use the scraper to spread the Difference evenly and set aside for a few hours to dry. When dry remove the relief carefully from the mould and glue onto the paper with paper…

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