Mini Gift – Bas-Relief Mould


Size: 17 x 15 mm

Bas-relief is a technique commonly defined as a type of art in which shapes are cut from the surrounding stone so that they stand out slightly against a flat surface, or a work of art  –  a decorating medium that has now been brought to the fore by the innovation of Blanc Canvas.

While we have borrowed the term “Bas-relief” from the art of sculpture, Blanc Canvas’ own unique creations of artistic wonder for use as Bas-relief in decorating creates a wonderful illusion of the design having been ”carved” from the surface  – use the moulds with plaster of Paris, resin, clay, etc. to build your Bas-Relief. With this technique, you will make the intricate, elegant depth and ornate end results that only our designs can bring to you.

Then, add a touch of flair using dry or wet painting techniques – our moulds will always create designs with multiple dimensions of fascinating depth – truly the simplest method for the most spectacular results!

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