My Little Red Toolbox…

My Little Red Toolbox…

I got this very old little toolbox from my granddad a long time ago and decided to make something new and amazing.

First I painted it red and then I decoupaged a funky patterned serviette onto it.
Then I used one of our mesh stencils with some tacky glue on opposite ends to create a pattern with the glue and used our rosegold foil to stick to the tacky glue. This created a beautiful rosegold pattern on the edges of the toolbox.
Then I used a different stencil to put a very nice saying in the middle of my toolbox. I first used the stencil with a grey paint and then moved the stencil slightly to the side before using silver paint on it.
This created a shadowed effect on text and stencil.

I loved revamping this old toolbox with The Blanc Canvas products. It was soooo easy and so much fun.

-Charlize Fourie, The Scarlet Studio.

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