Create an amazing mixed media journal cover

Create an amazing mixed media journal cover

What you need:

  1. An A4 book with hard cover
  2. Woodglue
  3. All the rest are optional extras: craft paper, wrapping paper, paper serviettes, Difference lace, stencils, paint, photo or magazine picture of your choice, embellishments, silk or paper flowers, diamonds and pearls, and anything else you have stashed away in the “incase I need it” box…

Prepare some space where you can make a wonderful mess, switch off your phone, and take a deep breath. Start!

Let the magic begin!

Start off by giving the front cover of your journal a coat of white paint. Allow to dry (Use a hair dryer if need be).

I like starting off my projects like this…a clean, white, blank canvas

When using craft paper, cut out the size and shape you want and place in a container with water. This softens the paper and makes it very manageable.

Paint a thin coat of woodglue on the cover, and carefully place the wet paper in place

Smooth over gently with a cloth or small foam roller to eliminate any captured air bubbles that might be lurking between the paper and the board.

Now it’s time to really play!

Decoupage with some paper serviettes (see how to details on my “upscaling furniture” blog)

Once completed, begin stencilling. Play around with different stencils and colours… No rules remember… Set your creative juices free

The purpose of stencilling is to add colour, texture and it serves to blend in the various backgrounds

Now that stencilling is done, start using the lace. Lace adds amazing texture and even a touch of lace here and there make a beautiful difference.

(Lace making with Difference will be a blog on its own)

Paint your lace with different colours of craft paint, chalk paint, spray paint or metallics.

Your final step is to add any number of embellishments. These canbe whatever you have…. diamonds, pearls, feathers, flowers, random pieces of anything that has texture and is 2 or 3D can be regarded as an embellishment material.

This project can be completed in an hour. However, you could keep adding stuff and playing… Once you get into it its really difficult to stop.

Have fun fun fun, take a deep satisfied breath, and prepare for your next project, and the next and the next…

Clean up the mess or leave it for tomorrow. Feel proud of yourself, and don’t forget to send us pictures. We love seeing your creations!

Share. Share. Share!

Here are some pictures of another journal cover I did…

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Happy crafting!

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