Drab to Fab!!!

Drab to Fab!!!

Hi everyone, this is my latest share… a new product just recently launched which is AMAZING in its simplicity and application – FurniStik. A range of unique designs perfect for upscaling furniture in a professional and polished way.

They are matt vinyl decals that are die cut for easy application.

Let’s get started:
My journey started when I came across some scrap furniture at a second hand shop. Wow, perfect for upscaling! This pedestal blew my mind in its simplicity and opportunity.

Simple, plain and black…

Step 1 was to paint it white with universal undercoat. Then I had choices of what, when and how.

Being a creative, I have most things on hand… lace, embellishments, paints, stencils, glue and of course an abundance of energy.

Day 7 of the lockdown, so plenty of time…

I chose 4 different FurniStik’s from our collection, all similar in theme, size and design.

Let the fun begin!

FurniStik’s are a no-brainer… So easy to apply. Remove the backing and stick. Nothing more simple.

I placed them where I wanted, and then started blending them into the background using a soft sponge with a range of blue, green and olive chalk paints.  Finishing off with a touch of gold metallic paint.

Stencils help sooo much with blending. They bring the picture and background together. Stencil over both and they become one entity.

The lace, which I made using our amazing product “Difference” is also a no brainer. A touch of wood glue at the back and stick.

I’m still gobsmacked at the versatility of this product… It’s flexible, cuttable, washable, paintable (with any type of paint) durable, at the same time adding brilliant texture to any project!

For this project I chose 3 different colours of paint to create a stunning blend.

Next…the embellishments…

These embellishments are all from our range… (we sell either the moulds or the finished products).

I painted them with chalk paint and also used our Soo Intense powder colours (pure pigment) mixed with our Glaze. This added the vibrant colours I wanted. Lastly brushed the edges with our silver and gold metallics to bring out the detail.

I used wood glue to stick them onto the project.

Lastly screwed on the “key” handles. I found them at a local retail store (one day I’ll make my own)

When completed, I painted two coats of FurniSeal to the entire project.

This is an awesome sealer as it neither shines nor discolours. Just does what it says…seals. It allows you to clean your project with a damp cloth when dusty.

That was the best best fun!

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