Mini-table Upcycle

Mini-table Upcycle

Hi everyone,

Day 6 of the lockdown and Im supercharged with energy! Another day to push boundaries and get out of my comfort zone. No excuses!

I found an old wooden table given to me by a friend who moved away (I often feel like the local scrapyard because I hoard EVERYTHING!)

Perfect for today’s project!

A coat of white paint and I was ready to play.

I then decoupaged the tabletop with a beautiful cheerful paper serviette. I chose this one because I loved the clean colour combinations.

I knew exactly what I wanted the end result to look like, but how to make that happen was a challenge!

I wanted translucent paints with a metallic edge.

After many throw away tests, I finally arrived at the point where I was happy with the paint……beautiful translucent colours with a touch of metallic.

I’ll keep experimenting and let you know when I’m confident about the product.

Using a soft sponge and different colour combinations, I blended as I went along.

Finally, I stencilled with a range of craft paint to complete the blending.

One final step to go… A coat of FurniSeal (our acrylic sealer that doesn’t leave a shine or discolour).

I hope you enjoyed this project. Keep creating!!!

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