World in a Box!

World in a Box!

Hi everyone,

This project was initially created to teach our agents all our different products and techniques, but it has become so popular that we will be offering classes.

It’s about a 4 hour project which I have done 3 times, and the final product is always different and unique in every way.

Ok. Let’s get started.

Begin with a wooden box + lid.  Your local craft shop should be able to assist.

As usual, I gave my box a coat of white paint using universal undercoat. White chalk paint would work equally well.

I start all my projects off this way as I like a clean Blanc Canvas to work on.

I then looked through my stash of craft paper and chose this jazzy feel.

You would need one sheet if doing the front and sides, and another for the top and back.

I cut the paper to the correct size, soaked it in water and in the meantime I painted a thin coat of wood glue on the box.

I then placed the craft paper onto the correct position on the box, and smoothed over with a cloth to dry off the excess water.

I then used a roller to iron out any captured air bubbles.

Yay! Let the real fun begin!

The first thing I did was to stencil the paper using an array of mesh stencils with craft / chalk paint. That gives colour as well as a mixed media personal touch.

Next step is to create some shiny bling. I used foils with our Tacky Glue… Look out for a separate blog on this easy but effective way of creating metallic bling on your projects. (Watch the video tutorial for foils & tacky glue here… Click Here)

I used a wooden stick to add random glue stripes to the project.

I dried the glue with a hair dryer – the dryer the glue the tackier it gets.

Then I rubbed some silver and gold foil over the sticky area and then pulled the strip of foil away. Got an awesome metallic effect…

So, just to recap…

Step 1: Paper

Step 2: Stencilling

Step 3: Foiling

Now for the real texture. I chose some lace which I had previously made using “Difference”. It’s so versatile and effective.

I painted a strip of white lace with silver and gold metallic paint, cut it into sections and applied it to the box with a touch of wood glue…BEAUTIFUL!

Next came the hammer, nails, leather strip, gold studs, clasps and handle… all adding to the feel, and suddenly the box looked like a mixed media suitcase.

I finished the project off by adding a central embellishment – a finishing touch that completed the project…

And then of course I took pictures. Got to say, it was 4 hours well spent. I enjoyed every moment!

Till next time, Happy crafting!

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