Funky Furniture using a glue gun and FurniStik

Funky Furniture using a glue gun and FurniStik

Hi Everyone,

Its day 17… or maybe day 18 of lockdown… doesn’t really matter. Every day is a brand new creative experience.

Today I decided to give an old pedestal a face lift. It had been lying in a back room collecting dust.

I cleaned off all the cobwebs and gave it a coat of white paint.

My inspiration came from one of our FurniStik’s… “Rainbow Splash” which I haven’t as yet used.

Because the background of the FurniStik is grey, I chose a similar grey chalk paint for the top and short sides.

The “leg” of the table I painted with black chalk paint as I wanted the lumo colours to stand out really well. A black background rather than a grey background would be more effective.

Two coats of black paint and I was ready to boogy!

I pencilled in some vertical lines so that I had markers… I really didn’t want to go skew.

Glue gun on hot, I created vertical textured straight lines.

I started off at different heights with a blob of glue and then continued with a straight line. I wanted an upside down drip effect… similar to the picture I was going to use.

Once completed, I painted each glue line with a different colour. An easy task when using a thin paint brush.

If I happened to go over the line it wouldn’t have been an issue- a touch of black paint would fix it up.

The sides of the pedestal needed to be blended in with the top and the bottom, so I painted them with a black and grey ombre effect.

Now for the top. It was blank with just a coat of grey paint.

I took the back off the FurniStik and placed it in the centre.

I then smoothed it down… you might want to use a roller for this.  Make sure there are no captured air bubbles.

Then I blended it into the background with more grey paint.

It looked great, but unfinished.

So I chose our “Circle of Lifemesh stencil and using white in some places and lumo paints in others, I stencilled in some background dots.

The edge I painted with pink and purple lumo.

Yey! All done!

I’ll let it dry completely and later paint a few coats of FurniSeal.

I can’t really say “Job well done” because it wasn’t a job. It was a few hours of Extreme Fun and Delight.

Cheers till my next creative adventure!

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