Make every trip to the loo an adventure!

Make every trip to the loo an adventure!

I have an old house with small square tiles… pale yellow, of all colours. The old folks who lived here a hundred years ago were BORING!

I didn’t want the mess or expense of retiling. So, I chose another way.

I used the “Difference’ to make flexible lace, bought a plethora of serviettes and wrapping paper and spent weeks in the loo.

No, I didn’t suffer from constipation or diarrhoea or a weak bladder. I just needed my own company, privacy, and more time than what I allowed for.

Much more! This project took a whole lot longer than I expected.

Spent hours and hours decoupaging, gluing lace and stencilling. I painted the door rose gold and laced the door frame, mirror frame and toilet roll holder.

I even painted the loo gold!

The outcome is quite bizarre. But soo sooooo inviting. Guests marvel at the loo, and it has become THE talking point at get togethers.

My advice? If your loo needs a face lift, and you like this idea, prepare yourself for many endless hours in the loo!

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