Vintage Scrapbooking

Vintage Scrapbooking

Earlier this year I discovered that we have an entire photo album filled with old and vintage pictures of relatives. The kind of pictures that were still black and white or sepia coloured and they were absolutely beautiful!

I wanted to take these pictures and put them on display! I decided that scrapbooking was the way to go. It’s fun and super easy and you can put almost anything on the page with the photo to make it stand out.

I started by picking out the perfect piece of scrapbook paper. Next, I used Tacky Glue to paint onto my page creating stripes of glue horizontally. Once the glue was dry, I used rosegold foils to place and press over my Tacky Glue, creating a gorgeous rosegold background for my photo.

Because I wanted it to look vintage, I used some frilly lace (Moulin Rouge) and cut one strip in half. I used my photo and placed in loosely on the page to see where it would go and marked the corners on the bottom page so I knew where the photo would be placed later. Then I used both halves of the lace and placed them on top of each other to the right of the page so they would later stick out from underneath the photo.

Using Chalk Paint and some of our awesome Mesh Stencils, I stencilled on the page.
Stencils used:     Top Right – Collection of Scrolls
                              Top Right, Bottom – Retro Butterfly Background
                              On the brown paper at the bottom – Industrial Charm

I also decided to make some torn brown paper decorations for my page. The first step was to find an old brown paper bag and then I cut out a long rectangular shape of paper and folded it in half. I roughed it up a bit using my fingers and rubbing it between my hands so it looks old and then stencilled on the paper so it appears to be a very old letter or some old piece of newspaper.

Then I tore another piece of paper for the bottom of the page. I didn’t want straight edges so tearing was the way to go. Then I stencilled with the Industrial Charm stencil and Relief Paint. The Relief paint is so awesome! It gives your page some texture and has a velvety feel to it.

I placed the pieces of brown paper on my page and moved on to using some more lace. This time I chose the Victorian Lace pattern and cut out pieces of it to place all around my page.

Before I continued with the lace, I placed my photo in its place and stuck it down with some double-sided tape. This way the glue doesn’t ruin the photo and make bumps underneath the photo. I used bloodred ribbon to add some detail to the bottom of the photo and simply placed it straight across the page. Then the fun could start with the lace.

Cutting pieces of lace, I carefully chose what piece I wanted to place on my page and then stuck it down. I also decided that the page needed another piece of brown paper just below the photo.

That’s it! Page done! This is only one page and one example of how you can make your old photos new and extraordinary. I hope you have fun creating an entire album with old photos!

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