How to use Mesh Stencils for Cake Decorating

Materials Needed:

Fondant covered cake
Mesh Stencil
Royal Icing and Piping Gel
Offset Spatula
Pins with large heads


Royal Icing Method:

Royal Icing can be used for stenciling but the correct consistency is important. If it is too thick it will not go though the mesh, and if it is too thin it will seep under the stencil and create a smudged effect. Ideally the icing should form a soft peak.

For best results, add piping gel to your royal icing. Mix +- 25 gms piping gel to 100 gms of royal icing.

This will give your royal icing a perfect smooth creamy consistency. The piping gel slows down the drying time of the royal icing.


Colouring before stenciling:

As royal icing is semi-translucent, it’s best to add whitening gel or Crystal Candy’s snow white powder to your icing to make it opague.

Then add gel or Crystal Candy’s Soo Intense colours to your icing to get the shade you prefer.


Piping Gel Method:

To Stencil a metallic finish, mix metallic powder colour (like Crystal Candy’s metallic dust) with vodka or glycerine, just enough to dissolve the powder.

Once dissolved, stir in a sufficient amount of clear piping gel to thicken the metallic paint, increasing the volume.
Follow the same directions for meshing with royal icing.
This method will give you a brilliant metallic finish.



Secure a mesh stencil in place around a fondant covered cake using a pin with a large head at each corner of the stencil. The mesh should be pulled tight around the cake.



Apply the royal icing or metallic gel to the stencil using an offset spatula. Drag the mixture across the stencil with some pressure.

More mixture can be added at any point and worked into the pattern from different directions. Cover the entire stencil with icing or gel.

Using a large scraper, remove any excess icing from the stencil. Gently remove the pins and stencil from the fondant. Wash and dry your stencil before reusing.


Caring for your stencil:

Gently wash your stencil in warm soapy water using a soft sponge.
Rinse and allow to air dry thoroughly before storing flat. Never stack wet stencils on top of each other as this may damage them.