How to use Mesh Stencils for Crafts

You can use any paint that has a BODY (not ink – it’s too thin). Examples are Chalk Paint, Acrylic Paint, PVA, Fabric Paint and Puff Paint.


Secure stencil to item using cellotape or masking tape.
Mask off areas that should not be stenciled.
Apply enough paint to cover the entire stencil area on the side of the image.
Using a scraper pull the paint over the stencil at a 45 degree angle.
If the paint is nice and thick you can scrape a second time, otherwise a second or third sweep may bleed.

Wash with a sponge. Hang up to air dry.
If you allow paint to dry on stencil it will be blocked and ruined!
Clean stencil between every use.


Fabric Paint & Relief Mesh Stencil Paint:

Use fabric paint and natural fabrics for best results. Heat set and wash paint according to manufacturers instructions.
For stretch fabrics place a sheet of sand paper under the fabric. This will keep the fabric secure while scraping the paint across the stencil.
Relief Mesh Stencil Paint needs to be heated once dried in order to “puff up”. Do not iron directly over puff paints. Puff paint may be washed successfully.