Dark Road – Relief Mesh Stencil Paint


Creates a raised velvety finish for fabric, paper and board, painted surfaces and more…



Secure the stencil with masking tape.
Apply a thick layer of paint to the side of the stencil. Ensure there is enough paint to scrape across the entire surface of the stencil.
Hold the scraper at a 45 degree angle and pull it across the stencil firmly.  If you miss a spot you can apply a little paint and spread the paint over that area again.
Be careful not to go over the stencil too many times as this will force too much paint into the stencil and it may bleed.
Lift stencil carefully AND WASH THE STENCIL WELL IMMEDIATELY with warm soapy water. (If you do not clean the stencil well enough the paint will block the stencil and it will be ruined).
Use a hair dryer or hot air gun to blow hot air onto the paint.  You will see the paint change to a lighter colour and it will raise slightly leaving a velvety finish.

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