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Steampunk Wooden Box

Hi everyone. I had once bought a wooden box which landed up cluttering my cupboard – what better idea than to make it textured and steampunky? As with any project, I love starting with a clean white background. So, I painted it very roughly with a coat of white chalk paint. Next step, I chose some very old looking &…

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From abused to brand new!

Hi Everyone So todays project began when I came across an old broken down bookcase that someone had discarded. Do I or don’t I attempt to upscale and restore it? Well, why on earth not? I’ll have hours of fun and then I can decide whether to trash it or not. Step 1 was to clean it, fix it with…

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Mesh Stencils, Paints

DIY Apron Upscale! – Tutorial Video

I decided to give my apron a revamp and stencilled it using Mesh Stencils & a combination of Relief Paint & Chalk Paint. I also decorated it with scrap pieces of fabric. Watch this video with me for some inspiration! Products used: Mesh Stencil – Protea: http://www.theblanccanvas.co.za/produ… Mesh Stencil – Floral: http://www.theblanccanvas.co.za/produ… Relief Paint: http://www.theblanccanvas.co.za/produ… Chalk Paint: http://www.theblanccanvas.co.za/produ…

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Drab to Fab!!!

Hi everyone, this is my latest share… a new product just recently launched which is AMAZING in its simplicity and application – FurniStik. A range of unique designs perfect for upscaling furniture in a professional and polished way. They are matt vinyl decals that are die cut for easy application. Let’s get started:My journey started when I came across some…

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