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Father’s Day Crafts, Cakes & Cookies…

We have planned something very special for Father’s Day this year!!! I spent some time creating amazing projects that anyone can do for Father’s Day! Easy and quick to make but yet very impressive & meaningful! Make this Father’s day extra special with these easy DIY projects! Watch the Video Tutorial!!! Products used:1. Mesh Stencils: http://www.theblanccanvas.co.za/product-category/mesh-stencils/2. Chalk Paint: http://www.theblanccanvas.co.za/product-category/chalk/3. Relief…

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FurniStik, Mesh Stencils, Moulding Pastes & Sealers, Paints, The Blanc Canvas Extras

From abused to brand new!

Hi Everyone So todays project began when I came across an old broken down bookcase that someone had discarded. Do I or don’t I attempt to upscale and restore it? Well, why on earth not? I’ll have hours of fun and then I can decide whether to trash it or not. Step 1 was to clean it, fix it with…

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FurniStik, Mesh Stencils, Moulding Pastes & Sealers, Paints

Funky Furniture using a glue gun and FurniStik

Hi Everyone, Its day 17… or maybe day 18 of lockdown… doesn’t really matter. Every day is a brand new creative experience. Today I decided to give an old pedestal a face lift. It had been lying in a back room collecting dust. I cleaned off all the cobwebs and gave it a coat of white paint. My inspiration came…

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How to brighten up old furniture using serviettes

What you will need: An old piece of furniture that could do with a face lift A selection of serviettes Easy to Decoupage by The Blanc Canvas or any similar waterbased glue Small flat paint brush A glass of water Sealant for final application Today was another ‘shut down’ day, so my best option was to get involved in creativity.…

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Vintage Bunny Rabbit Dresser Upcycle! – Video Tutorial

This video is a tutorial & inspirational video! Take your old furniture and make it amazing and new!!! Upcycled furniture can look gorgeous in your house. Sometimes, some thing just need a little love and a make-over to make it great again!!! I loved using all The Blanc Canvas Products to make this dresser stunning!!! Products used: FurniStik Vintage Bunny…

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