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Lace Silicone Moulds, Metallic Powders, Moulding Pastes & Sealers, Paints, The Blanc Canvas Extras

Steampunk Wooden Box

Hi everyone. I had once bought a wooden box which landed up cluttering my cupboard – what better idea than to make it textured and steampunky? As with any project, I love starting with a clean white background. So, I painted it very roughly with a coat of white chalk paint. Next step, I chose some very old looking &…

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Lace Silicone Moulds, Mesh Stencils, Metallic Foil, Moulding Pastes & Sealers, Paints, Ready Made Lace, The Blanc Canvas Extras

Vintage Scrapbooking

Earlier this year I discovered that we have an entire photo album filled with old and vintage pictures of relatives. The kind of pictures that were still black and white or sepia coloured and they were absolutely beautiful! I wanted to take these pictures and put them on display! I decided that scrapbooking was the way to go. It’s fun…

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